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STAR WARS!!!! Super Bowl Commercial 2011

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The Sith! Galactic Bad Boys, or Universal Counter Weight?

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Long before the Galactic Civil War and the events of both trilogies of the Star Wars films the Sith have held a looming presents over the galaxy. But is their existence and use of the dark side a purely evil one? There are many people and strong opinions on both sides of this controversial issue. Now this lone blog will try and tackle both sides of the issue and provide you a clear and concise argument as to just what should be done with these Dark Jedi.


The Sith have a long reputation as being the eternal antagonists of the galaxy. This perception is largely due to the repeated genocide they have repeatedly brought upon worlds. Beginning with the enslavement of the natives of Koriban to the much more publicized destruction of Alderan with the Death Star I. Another major drawback to the Sith is there persistent need for conquest and domination. Which has resulted in at least three Galactic wars to date. Lastly the Sith in and among themselves have a nasty habit of killing each other. After the Rule Of Two was set down by Darth Bane at least 70% of Sith Lords have been killed by their apprentices or have killed their apprentices before they had the chance to turn on there masters.


Thought out the course of human history the greatest advancements in technology and economy even religious advancement has all stemmed form conflict. In that sense couldn’t the repeated cause of conflict take some credit for those advancements made? furthermore after every conflict the Sith have caused has been fallowed by a time of great peace and prosperity. Often times the Sith are a unifying force bringing together sect’s of the galaxy that are otherwise unreconcilable. The Sith also pride themselves on drawing their power from their passions and desires. Isn’t that the best inspiration for art and expression?

“Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi’s life. So you might say, that we are encouraged to love.”  – Anikin Skywalker

In the grand scheme of things weather you think of them as evil or just misunderstood is ere levant. Even with the Sith haven been wiped from the galaxy people and especially Jedi have fallen to the dark side. I however don’t think this is a bad thing. The Sith embody love and passion. And with out these things we would have no music or art in the galaxy. Sure they’ve have there brushes with mass murder but who hasn’t? Even the Archetype good guys have killed millions of innocent people every now and again. The U.S dropped Nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima and the rebels blew up two Death Stars resulting in the deaths of countless Stromtroopers and space contractors. In the end we all have a little bit of the Dark Side of the force so i say embrace it!!

How to be a Rebel or TK-421

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I cant remember a time when Storm-trooper  wasn’t a part of my vocabulary. Some kids played cowboys and indians or cops and robbers, my friends and i however loved to play Storm-troopers and rebels. the head gear of Star Wars has always been a huge part of the franchises iconography. From the legendary face of Darth Vaders breathing suit or the fear inspiring helmets of the Imperial Storm-Trooper. Not only are they some of the most recognized parts of the Star Wars galaxy, but these various peaces of headgear help to define and express the various characters who wear them. The identical masses of skull like Storm-Troopers help to accentuate the fear and death that they bring to the galaxy. In comparison to the open face of the Rebel flight helmet. show casing that the rebels still have a human side that has been lost on the military industrial Empire.


Any 501st enthusiast will attest that just wearing one of these iconic pieces you can almost feel your self fulfilling the will of Vader himself as you take over one star system after another with your shiny white compatriots.

Below i have pictured some of my favorite Star Wars head gear along with a brief description of there place in galactic society to inform the less Star Wars savvy of you out there.

The Storm-Trooper: The main infantry for the Galactic Empire.

Scout-Trooper: Light re-con for the Galactic Empire

Imperial Guard: Personal Guard to the Emperor himself

Rebel Pilot: Arial and Space combat craft operators

This Was a Blog Emulation of The Hat Blog

Star Wars not just a movie its a life style!!

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Everyone in high school gets put into some sort of clique or subculture. Most of us then fit into new more adult subcultures as we age. For example the high school cheerleader who grows up to become the corporate big wig. Everywhere in the world there are stereotypes and classifications that people fit into. With the obvious exceptions of race and gender the Star Wars lifestyle is one of the largest and widespread subcultures in the world (maybe even galaxy).

There are few if any countries out there that don’t have some sort of near religious fallowing of the epic saga. Japan and the U.S of course being at the for front of fandom. Thanks to the efforts of the 501st there is not a comic-con any were that is or every will be absent a couple of Stormtropers. Even Las Vegas famous for it casinos and numerous chapels has many options for a Star Wars wedding. Were the happy couple cant be joined in matrimony by the dark lord of the Sith him self (Wookie best man optional).

Those of us with a long standing relationship with the galaxy far far away have a least heard of how Star Wars has continued to evolve and continue producing new media for us to enjoy. But lets take a moment to explain to every one else out there who has yet to fall in love with our wonderful culture. Star Wars ceased being just a movie about two days after the original movie (episode IV A New Hope) came into theaters in 1977. Instantly the film and all its memorabilia became classics. Ever since then star wars has lived on in many ways not just in theaters. Most resent activity has included one of the most anticipated video games in the history of gaming. The Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game; Star Wars The Old Republic. The media surrounding this game is massive stemming not only from fans of Star Wars but the fact that it is posed to replace current MMORPG overlord “World of War Craft” as the top online game.

So for those not of the Star Wars persuasion just remember next time some one close to you goes off on a hour long tirade about galactic sovereignty after the down fall of the republic, that it is so much more then just a 70’s movie. It is in fact a life style!!!

P.S heres a trailer for the up and coming Old Republic game. Enjoy!!!


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