How to be a Rebel or TK-421

I cant remember a time when Storm-trooper  wasn’t a part of my vocabulary. Some kids played cowboys and indians or cops and robbers, my friends and i however loved to play Storm-troopers and rebels. the head gear of Star Wars has always been a huge part of the franchises iconography. From the legendary face of Darth Vaders breathing suit or the fear inspiring helmets of the Imperial Storm-Trooper. Not only are they some of the most recognized parts of the Star Wars galaxy, but these various peaces of headgear help to define and express the various characters who wear them. The identical masses of skull like Storm-Troopers help to accentuate the fear and death that they bring to the galaxy. In comparison to the open face of the Rebel flight helmet. show casing that the rebels still have a human side that has been lost on the military industrial Empire.


Any 501st enthusiast will attest that just wearing one of these iconic pieces you can almost feel your self fulfilling the will of Vader himself as you take over one star system after another with your shiny white compatriots.

Below i have pictured some of my favorite Star Wars head gear along with a brief description of there place in galactic society to inform the less Star Wars savvy of you out there.

The Storm-Trooper: The main infantry for the Galactic Empire.

Scout-Trooper: Light re-con for the Galactic Empire

Imperial Guard: Personal Guard to the Emperor himself

Rebel Pilot: Arial and Space combat craft operators

This Was a Blog Emulation of The Hat Blog


5 Responses to “How to be a Rebel or TK-421”

  1. I love this post! I also grew up with the Star wars trilogy inseparable from my childhood. It always surprises me when I run into people who have never even seen it (which happens more often these days than running into people who have. crazy, huh) or worse, people who say they don’t like Star Wars because they’ve seen the new ones (how can you not like star wars???)

    • What i find more surprising is the Neo Star Wars generation that has started to form. Mostly young kids who have grown up on the new cartoons and video games and have a huge working knowledge of the star wars universe but have never see the original trilogy. It also bugs me to hear people rag on the original trilogy because it looks old or low budget. IT REDEFINED HOW IT MAKE MOVIES!!! some thing like 40% of all sound effects in movies now a days comes from skywalker sound!!!!

  2. This is awesome. I always wanted to be a jedi. i love it

  3. Ok so the clone troopers are clones of Jango Fett according to the new trilogy so does that mean the clone troopers became storm troopers when chancelor palpatine seized the republic and diminished the jedi councel with his newly created empire, which in fact now makes him the emperor? I know that is run-on sentence but I was typing vigorously. Technically Boba Fett is a clone and not a son so I wonder how tripped out a storm trooper would be if Boba Fett removed his helmet and…saw that it was him!

  4. I’ve already commented here, but your blog has brought hte nerd out in me. All I want to do is comment in reponse to everyone else’s comments, but if i do that I won’t have time to grade everyone else’s blogs before class…

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